As we have discussed in previous posts, there are many ways to develop your psychic abilities. One of the most common practices is that of meditation, but another common and effective method is automatic writing. This practice will likely not come intuitively to most individuals, but learning how to conduct it and practicing it on a regular basis can lead to incredible results.


What is Automatic Writing?

Put simply, the act of automatic writing is a kind of psychic channeling that entails the transference of information from Spirit, through a conduit in the form of intuition, and onto paper. Most practitioners use a traditional pen and paper to practice automatic writing, but others are able to do so using a digital medium. When practicing automatic writing, individuals are removing their own thoughts and biases from the equation and instead acting as a scribe who documents messages from beyond.


Automatic Writing for Beginners

It is important for novices to remember that the act of automatic writing is something that requires patience and practice. Expecting to quickly achieve expertise in this practice is misguided, and beginners should be prepared to devote their time and energy to this practice in order to achieve results.



While meditation can be used to develop your psychic abilities on its own, it is also a key part of the automatic writing process. It is also the first step to take. Entering a meditative state helps to clear your mind and guide your focus. For some individuals, meditation is not absolutely necessary, but it is undeniably helpful.


Guidance and Direction

When practicing automatic writing, it is important to have a goal in mind pertaining to what you want to know. Additionally, it is often helpful for individuals to vocalize their intentions or vocalize direct questions to help prompt an appropriate response. You should write these questions down and focus on them so that you can guide your automatic writing session in a productive way.



For the actual writing process, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should try to remove your own thoughts and opinions from the equation. Simply write down what comes to mind. If you try to analyze these things as you are writing, you could hinder the process. If you find yourself getting stuck, it is important that you do not stop writing; instead, you can repeat the same word until a new thought arrives. Combatting the urges to edit, analyze, or correct the things you write down will be challenging but essential.